Sea of Troubles

Mac OS X: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apple

So yes, I finally broke down and bought a Mac. About a year ago, I swore that if I ever bought a new computer that it would be a Mac. I wasn’t expecting to be able to go through with it.

So, first impressions - the hardware’s too ostentatious. I couldn’t afford anything but a near-base-build iBook, so that’s what I got (which was cheaper than the PC laptops I was looking at). It’s white, very very noticeably white. This bothers me, because I don’t really want to be noticed…

That said, the operating system is really nice. After having played with a few consumer operating systems, I think I’ve found a desktop distro that I like. ‘course I haven’t had time to discover the things that will shit me off yet, so this could just be the honeymoon period. It’s nice to have an operating system that has most of the bits I need and just works. Expose is possibly the most useful thing I’ve used in a while, and I don’t understand Jordan’s frustration with the application model.

Incidentally, this is the most useful thing I’ve found yet - the OS X keyboard shortcuts. :)