Sea of Troubles


While I’m going to diplomatically disagree with a lot of this (I happen have or have had some very good lecturers), I find this amusing:

“University politics is very odd. You get a lot of people gathered together, who, if they couldn’t do this, really couldn’t do anything. They are given to think that because they are both intelligent and important because they have Ph.D.s and most people don’t. Often, though not always, the Ph.D. does indicate mastery over a subject. But that’s all it indicates, and, unfortunately, many people with Ph.D.s think it covers a wider area than it does. They think it empowers their superior insight into government and foreign policy and race relations and such. In addition these people are put into an environment where daily, they judge themselves against a standard set by eighteen- or twenty-year-old kids who know little if anything about the subject matter in which their professors are expert.” - Robert B. Parker, from his 1999 novel Hush Money.

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