Sea of Troubles

Accidental Humour - Alltop Style

I saw a link to alltop this morning and decided to have a play. It’s clearly not designed for specialist areas of interest - ‘cybercrime returned no options (despite being pretty common), ‘Westpac’ returned “Cheap Flights” (no idea); both return about 1.7M hits in Google.

Looking at some of the pre-baked searches, it seems to be little more than a curated RSS aggregator. Unlike my feed reader, though, I can’t actually read the content - AllTop gives you the headlines, and a very short excerpt if you hover. While cute, therefore, as a source of new sites/blogs/feeds to read, I am pretty unexcited about it as a reading destination.

But, it is good for giggles. When I searched for fraud, it returned “AOL”, “crime”, and “Symantec”. :)

Alltop seems to think "AOL", "crime" and "Symantec" are good answers to the query "Fraud"