Sea of Troubles

Unexpected Computerised Honesty

I’ve been reevaluating the way I manage my non-work life, particularly with regard to the tools I use. Hiveminder’s served me very well, but I’m trying new things.

As a result, I completed the (delightfully named) Here Be Dragons - Atlassian Integration Guide, ending up with a complete Crowd+Jira+Confluence+Fisheye+Crucible+Bamboo stack on my formerly underworked Linode. I’ve now got a couple of projects in Jira which are slowly filling up with my open actions; the misc bucket has the project code “LIFE”.

I clicked through the Dashboard to get some info about some of the miscellaneous actions I’ve got outstanding only to get this message: Jira: "project = LIFE and resolution is EMPTY and priority = 3"

Thanks, Jira; good to know the resolution of my life will be empty. :)