Sea of Troubles

➞ Paul Carr: The Future of Journalism

Paul Carr, writing at PandoDaily, about NSFWCORP’s future:

After we announced the Print Edition, lots of usually cynical editors and journalists Tweeted us as an example of a business that’s “proving” you can pay for great journalism and make money. We haven’t proved a damn thing. Between now and the end of the year, a thousand things could go wrong. Our print edition could flop, our digital subscriptions could tank, our writers could all flee for some even better funded startup. We could get sued into oblivion. For NSFWCORP to be a sustainable business, protected against all of those risk factors, we need to be generating at least a million dollars in revenue a year. Then we’ll have proved something.

NSFWCORP is doing some really exciting work (if a little… NSFW), and I’m very happy to be a subscriber. I upgraded my subscription to print pretty much immediately.